Efoil cruising & Efoil carver

Foiling is the unique sensation of flying above water.
Thanks to the electric foil (Efoil), every body of water, everywhere in the world, turns into an unexpected and limitless playground.

Created in 2016 by Cyril Coste and ORES, communication agency specialized in brand creation, TAKUMA is one of the only brands capable of producing and delivering Efoils everywhere in the world.Its founder Cyril is first and foremost a product designer, passionate about Foil, and constantly looking for innovation.

Our Efoils are the first electric foils accessible to the many. Our R&D teams work everyday to allow our products to offer you an exceptional experience from initiation to performance.

A remote controller, developed with BB Talkin, specialized in action sport intercom. Our remote is very easy to use. With its quick kill switch security system, It helps you feel safe and feel how easily you can use the product, from the first ride.