Flyboard Pro Series

For this new model, we propose a design totally revisited by a team of industrial designers.

In addition to its appearance, Flyboard® Pro Series offers many new innovations and features. Among them, the transparent nozzles made of ultra-resistant plastic, but also the « secure twist » system that allows the board to rotate on its axis by 10 to 20° at leg strength. This innovation is equipped with a return spring, for a return to a neutral position, as well as stops to lock and limit the spin angle. In the development of this new Flyboard®, we have paid particular attention to the resistance and the reinforcement of the safety coefficient of the parts. All tests and stress measurements have been carried out using state-of-the-art software comparable to that used in Formula 1.
  • Altitude : 20 Meters
  • Energy supplied by jet skis or electric pumps
  • Maximum carrying capacity : 150 Kg
  • Controlled by the performer with or without wireless remote control