Efoil Carver

A compact board for intense rides. Smaller board and wing (5’3” and front wing 1300) allows for hard carving at high speed: perfect gear to carve with. This Efoil comes with a 60cm mast, allowing you to foil very comfortably in strong swells and to make sharp turns.

This board is both compact and high volume. Efoil carver is handy and performs really well, having a prompt responsiveness underfoot to your every move.


Board size :5’3″x28″ (120L)

Front wing size: 1300cm2

Stabilizer size: 270cm2

Mast size: 60cm

Front wing options: 1600cm2 & 1900cm2

Total weight : 34 Kg

Board + ESC  : 14kg

Battery 20A : 8kg

Propulsion & Foil : 11 kg


Flying time 70 to 90 min on 35A

Flying time 40 to 60 min on 20A

Charging time 2h50 min

Max speed (subject to your weight)

35km/h with the 1300 cm2

Carbon technology board

Carbon front wing + stabilizer

Aluminum fuselage + mast

Engine power 3 kw

Engine brushless

Battery Li-Ion 43,2V – 20Ah


Aluminum propeller: 5 blades


Full carbon construction

Light EPS Core / Glass fiber layer / HD PVC Foam on entire standing area / Carbon fiber / Rail reinfrocement

Aluminium anodized

Delivered with

Efoil board + board bag

Propulsion with foil 1300 cm2 + bag

Battery + charger


Remote control + charger

Screw set + Tef gel


Mineral Blue