Foiling is the unique sensation of flying above water.
Thanks to the electric foil (Efoil), every body of water, everywhere in the world, turns into an unexpected and limitless playground.

Developed at our Shenzhen HQ, we have pulled out all of the stops for the new iAQUA SeaDart.

Flyboard® Series by Zapata Racing offer an amazing futuristic new design and serveral big innovations from all parts that promise brand new feelings.

The Flyride by Zapata Racing makes hydroflight accessible for beginners and offers new thrills for extreme riders.

All our docks are made to withstand harsh weather and are designed not to paint, chip, warp or peel. It means less maintenance for you, with more time on the water.

The best place to try Flyboard in Thailand.

Koh Samui

Discover the World underwater.